Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen

Jay is one of the world’s most prominent media thinkers.

He teaches journalism at New York University, where he heads Studio 20, a cutting-edge master’s program focusing on digital innovation and web-based journalism. In 2003, Jay launched PressThink, a blog on “the fate of the press in the digital era and the challenges involved in rethinking what journalism is today.” Jay believes that journalism works best when reporters invite audiences into their research process, and he’s eager to bring the lessons of the model pioneered by De Correspondent to the US. Jay holds a PhD in media studies from NYU.



Emily is Research Director for the Membership Puzzle Project.

She acts as an advocate for news consumers and delivers actionable insights to media organizations. She was the first user experience research lead in The New York Times newsroom and brought design research to Mozilla Foundation. Emily got her start reporting for Chicago Public Media’s global affairs show Worldview. She is a board member of the media and education non-profit YR Media (formerly Youth Radio). Emily holds degrees from Northwestern and Stanford Universities.


Ariel Zirulnick

Ariel runs the Membership in News Fund at the Membership Puzzle Project.

She is passionate about doing journalism with and for community members, rather than about them, and building systems that make that possible. Ariel led The New Tropic, a local media startup that helps Miamians connect to, understand, and explore their city. She was a Nairobi-based freelance foreign correspondent and the Middle East editor at the Christian Science Monitor. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Rob Wijnberg

Rob Wijnberg

Rob is the Co-founder and Editor in Chief of De Correspondent.

At the age of 27, he became the youngest editor in chief of a national daily newspaper in Europe at nrc.next, the morning edition of leading Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad. Under Rob’s leadership, nrc.next reached a paid circulation record of 82,000 and a daily reach of 350,000, making it the most successful new newspaper in Europe. With his outspoken views on the role of news in modern society, Rob has attracted a large following. This support helped him to put his ideas into practice in founding De Correspondent.


Jessica Best

Jessica is Operations Lead at The Correspondent, as well as an editor and researcher for the Membership Puzzle Project.

She is passionate about audience-supported models for journalism, and the myriad forms that support can take. Her mission at The Correspondent is to take the vales and success of De Correspondent to the English-speaking world. She was a core part of the team behind The Correspondent’s world record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, which raised $2.6 million from more than 45,000 founding members. Trained as a journalist in her native UK, she has worked as a reporter, social media manager, and news editor, and was Head of Editorial at journalism payments platform Blendle.


Gonzalo Del Peon

Gonzalo is a Researcher for the Membership Puzzle Project.

He is passionate about using human-centered design & human-centered business models to make public-service journalism more sustainable. Gonzalo graduated in 2018 with an MA from NYU's Studio 20 program and in 2017 with a BBA from The New School. He was the American Press Institute's 2018 summer fellow, where he studied user research methods and audience revenue beyond subscriptions. He has consulted for news startups on their early-stage business models and has worked as an audience engagement editor and a reporter.

Maaike Goslinga


Maaike is the International Editor of De Correspondent.

She leads collaborative international investigations and fosters partnerships with journalists abroad. Her mission at De Correspondent is to erase borders in how we approach journalism, to enhance our reporting and our understanding of the forces that shape our world. Before joining De Correspondent, Maaike worked as a website editor for the European Journalism Centre. She was also involved with the development of whistleblowing platforms Publeaks and AfriLEAKS on behalf of the Publeaks Foundation and Free Press Unlimited.  

Harald Dunnink


Harald is the Co-founder and Creative Director of design studio Momkai and the Co-founder and Creative Director of De Correspondent.

With his fourteen years of experience as a digital entrepreneur, Harald has developed a keen eye for the creative and business opportunities the online world offers. A holistic approach to design can be seen in all his work. His designs cultivate calm, so that only the content can drive you to distraction. The ambition of the Momkai studio is to create innovative projects that truly inspire, inform, and interact. His work has been honored with Red Dot, Webby, and European Design Awards.

Sebastian Kersten


Sebastian is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Momkai and De Correspondent.

In his early years as a programmer, he developed an interest in user-friendly dynamic systems that allow all types of users to create and maintain interactive projects with little or no technical knowledge. Sebastian's achievements include writing a new CMS which serves a wide range of Momkai’s clients and an Application Framework which forms the basis of the article editor currently used by De Correspondent. He leads the development teams at both companies.

Ernst-Jan Pfauth

Ernst-Jan Pfauth

Ernst-Jan is Co-founder and Publisher of De Correspondent.

At age 24, he was the Head of Digital at Dutch paper of record NRC Handelsblad. He now edits Holland’s biggest newsletter on media innovation. Ernst-Jan has also written two books on blogging, and served as editor in chief of The Next Web Blog, which is now among the ten most-visited blogs in the world. In 2016, Forbes featured Ernst-Jan in their European 30 under 30 list. He also enjoys organizing live interviews with writers, and has spoken on stage with Donna Tartt, Jonathan Safran Foer, and David Sedaris. Ernst-Jan regularly publishes De Correspondent’s lessons learned.