Membership in public radio database

This database presents information from a sample of 50 public radio stations’ sites across the United States and internationally. We reviewed each station’s website as a prospective member might to understand how stations define membership (and, in almost all cases, financially quantify it). You’ll notice differences in how stations attract and retain members as well as in the ways that individuals can contribute as station volunteers. Please see this post for a more detailed discussion of findings.

You’ll see stations ranging in size and scope and find moderate variations in their membership framing. We hope you’ll suggest other stations that are relevant to this data set. 

To single out information about one station, click “expand record” next to a stationn’s name or press the spacebar when you’ve selected any cell. You can also search the database by filtering by categories or characteristics using the filter button at the top of the table. The Airtable support site has more information about filtering and sorting data, and please feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions.