Meet De Correspondent’s writers and their beats

Sarah Kendzior

Flyover Country

I write about an America the US media often fails to cover. I’ll bring you original reporting from on the ground in Flyover Country.

Dimitri Tokmetzis

Security Industry

I want to show people how their privacy is threatened and why everyone has something to hide. Next step: finding alternatives.

Sinan Çankaya


I want to expose and discuss the structural racism present in Dutch society. I’m currently looking at ethnic profiling by the Dutch police.

Jelmer Mommers

Energy and Climate

I want to show the impact of climate change and, together with members, to speed up the transition to sustainability.

Vera Mulder


Fighting the journalism conventions that determine who is given a platform and who is not.

Tamar Stelling


Putting the non-human world on the map.

Heiba Targhi Bakkali


Nobody wants to be it, but on average we’re getting older than ever. That’s why I’m looking into what old age will be like for my generation.

Sterre Sprengers

Images and Image-forming Correspondent

Through my own image choices and analyses, I want to get at how we form images of the world. Do we understand more if we become aware of how we see?

Tomas Vanheste

Europe -between power and imagination-Correspondent

On paper, Europe is a paradise of social services and green initiatives. Why this persistent gap between the dream and the reality?

Marc Chavannes


Searching for democratic political practices that work.

Johannes Visser

Teaching and Education Correspondent

I want to cover school from the inside out, and think about how it could be set up better.

Sanne Blauw


I would like – with your help – to put numbers in their place. Not on a pedestal. Not out with the garbage. But where they belong: next to the words.

Maite Vermeulen

Conflict and Development Correspondent

I believe that a better world begins with a better understanding of the world. So I’d like to bring home what sometimes seems all-too-faraway.

Thalia Verkade

Clean Tech and Mobility Correspondent

With the help of your questions and your expertise, I’m investigating the future of mobility in the city, on the planet, and beyond. First stop: batteries.

Jesse Frederik


Economics is about the simple question, Who gets what and why? But nothing about that question is straightforward. That’s what I’d like to tell you more about.

Rutger Bregman


Lots of people have a dark view of how humanity’s doing. That’s why I write about what’s going well, in this country and beyond. And what we can do better.

Lucien Hordijk


I want to honestly diagnose what is perhaps the most important sector imaginable: the pharmaceutical industry.

Nina Polak


I would like to look in depth at things that seem apparent in our culture.

Lynn Berger

Culture and Technology Correspondent

I examine the interaction between technology and culture, and the implications for our daily lives, thoughts, and beliefs.

Michiel de Hoog

Sport and Analytics

I want to document what happens when science and reason collide with soccer.

Maurits Martijn

Technology and Surveillance

Exposing that which is unseen.

Jos de Putter


This worldwide video blog shows the cinematic stories behind the news, through urgent and personal video letters and video diaries.

Bregje Hofstede

Freedom of Choice

Habits. In the year to come I’ll try to break a few and answer the question: How free are we?

Dick Wittenberg

New-to-the-Netherlands Correspondent

Shedding light on people and stories in the shadows. In the months to come, I’ll focus on the New to the Netherlands project. To find out how newcomers are faring in this country.

Sander Heijne

Market Forces

Why your train is too late and your doctor too busy:  with your help, I’m investigating the consequences of market forces.

Lex Bohlmeijer


Weekly interview podcast, Conversations with Lex, with guests from science and culture.

Marilse Eerkens

A Way with Kids

There’s no time as critical as early childhood. I write about what we can do to make the most of it.

Bart de Koning

Police and Crime

Politicians and the media are obsessed with crime, while the country is safer than ever. I investigate the reality behind the big plans.


Founders who also write on a regular basis


Ernst-Jan Pfauth

Achievement Society

I want to look into how we can be happy and healthy in today’s achievement society. And what acts of resistance are open to us?

Rob Wijnberg

Media Mechanisms and Myths Correspondent

Nothing shapes our worldview more than the media. I try to get at how that works in order to understand how we view reality.